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Vigo & Vigo has extensive experience serving private companies and are well versed in the common problems encountered by such organizations. Our staff is experienced in all types of business industries and can provide strategies and solutions based on your company’s needs.

Vigo & Vigo provides the following types of accounting services:

Financial Statement Preparation
Our firm can prepare company and personal financial statements including compilations, with and without disclosures and reviews on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, depending on the client's needs.

Accounting Software Assistance

Vigo & Vigo can provide clients with implementation, maintenance and consulting regarding multiple accounting software applications.

Business Management and Consulting
Our CPA staff offers rich experience in providing clients with business management and financial consulting services.

Bookkeeping and controllership functions
Vigo & Vigo can assist and work with in-house accountants and controllers in order to establish and maintain an accurate accounting system.

Income Tax Planning
Our firm provides income tax planning services based on our client’s specific case in order to ensure that they will receive maximum tax benefits.

Payroll, sales tax and personal property tax compliance and consulting
Vigo & Vigo ensures that clients are in compliance with state and federal tax regulations. In addition, we ensure that all required returns associated with the corresponding business are filed on time and accurately.

Business Plans and Projections
Our firm has extensive experience across a broad range of industries in preparing business plans and projections.
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