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Vigo & Vigo provides in-depth experience in audit services across multiple industries. Our CPA staff is committed in providing quality service on all audits performed. We work closely with our clients to clearly understand all aspects of their business in order to identify key risk areas. We strive on providing our clients with rational assurance that their financial statements are free from material misstatements and properly reflected.

Vigo & Vigo provides the following types of assurance services:

Financial Statement Audits
Our CPA staff has extensive experience in providing clients with a detailed analysis and examination of completed financial statements to ensure accuracy.

Governmental Compliance Audits
Vigo & Vigo provides detailed assessments of financial statements and compliance with governmental agencies.

Special Reports
Companies may request agreed-upon procedure reports to identify the accuracy of a particular risk area within the company. Vigo & Vigo provides a wide range of experience specializing in all forms of procedures.
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