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Vigo & Vigo works closely with clients to ensure compliance with state and federal tax laws, lower tax liability and maximum tax benefits. Our goal is to provide our clients with customized tax planning strategies to address their specific needs.

Vigo & Vigo provides in-depth experience in audit services across multiple industries. Our CPA staff is committed in providing quality service on all audits performed. We work closely with our clients to clearly understand all aspects of their business in order to identify key risk areas.

Vigo & Vigo CPA LLP

is a Miami based accounting firm providing a range of services including accounting, tax, assurance, consulting for businesses and individuals. 

We have extensive experience in providing customized solutions for each client that addresses specific challenges and needs. 
It is our mission to ensure that you receive personal attention with the highest quality service.
5805 Blue Lagoon Dr., Suite 300 Miami, FL 33126 · tel: (305) 266-1812 · fax: (305) 266-5758